Kartini’s Day Celebration in Whole Different Way!

Celebrating one of Indonesia’s national day with Kartini’s Day Out

Raden Ajeng Kartini is one of Indonesian female role model that emphasis women to stand up for their own right and to have an equal education for girls. Her spirit on leading inspired many people to look after her and make the date of her born (April 21st) as one of Indonesia’s national day.


We as a student found the important role of Kartini should be remained so the devotion she gave is continuing from one generation to others. Kartini’s Day Out is a result of an idea to deliver the message of women should embrace their willing and power especially through traveling and every journey they have into an implementation of an action also contribution to Indonesia.


“No clouds stay in the sky forever. No sunny weather is eternal. After a pitch dark night comes a new beautiful morning. Life of mankind is similar to nature”, quoted from Lady Kartini in her Out of Dark Comes Light book. Somehow nature works in some particular way that can inspire people in so many ways. The theme of traveling chosen by the consideration of today’s generation traveling life style also the meaning of traveling itself through women’s eye that can be reflected to our sharing and talk show event’s speaker Putri Anindya and Pramudina. With a support from Jalanesia, Eduplex, Mahatma Group, PT Gada Elang Sakti, Bintang Daito Sekawan, Arromanis, Vorekraft, Heyjacker, and our event partner such as Infia, Mark Up, RadioMU, Loopies Radio, and Eventbanget sustained the execution of the event day that held on        :

Date    : Saturday, 23rd April 2016

Time   : 16:00 – 21:00

Venue : Eduplex, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda Number 84, Bandung


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